Fade to White by AruarianDancer

Fade to White

by AruarianDancer in Fantasy

This was a kiriban I made for a friend/watcher on deviantART for catching my 60,000th page view. Her request was a little more specific and demanding than most -- roses, mini calla lilies, and carnations, all white, with option to add blue and/or silver since those were the colors of her fraternity. I usually don't do big eye art since it's not my favorite 'genre' (if there is such a genre), but I do like the look of those beautiful and pricey BJDs (ball jointed dolls) from Asia.

As usual, the line art was done in pen on paper with scanned image colored using Corel Painter ('diffuse water' and 'soft charcoal' tools) on Intuos 3 tablet.

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