Along Came a Spider by AruarianDancer

Along Came a Spider

by AruarianDancer in Fantasy

A painting created for the Enchanted Visions Project monthly theme of the same title.

Inspiration from the folklore demon "Joro Gumo" from my native country, Japan. She is a lady of the night by day, a giant man-eating spider by night. I made her into an 'oiran' (a high-end prostitute) all decked up in fine silk kimono and with an ornately decorated hairstyle. Note her obi is tied in the front because of the nature of her daytime job. She is captured here in the sunset when the day ends and the night begins -- a dangerous hour for any unsuspecting man that happens to come her way.

Line art in biro on paper, scanned image colored (free hand) in Corel Painter using Intuos 3 tablet.

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