Photographer, Fine Artist •

Look to the Sun you find a world before you, it is open with treasures of Truth, but what is it? spending my every moment in the thoughts of what could be, the past? not for now. Moving through time and space with a conscious mind take me to the cosmos. Not with my words create me a visual. Paint me a poem with your tears of love here I am. Taken form in a land not my own embraced. Who am I? the question left unanswered. Take this soul as it is for beauty is my only weapon of choice, so EXPRESS EXPERIENCE who you are, who are we? My world no longer black and white seeking refuge in the comfort of love, create me a fantasy. Who AM I? Opportunities creates a path taken me to a resting place much like I remembered. Where? look in my Soul what do you see? Tell me... What is it? All I see is me looking at me, only Me? not for long. Who am I? A mirror reflection of reality itself. There! now I have you figure you out, only for Now my children only for now. The next Now could bring another reflection of the other. So here take this soul as it is for it is my gift I've given you. :)
I welcome you to enjoy and feel free to communicate through the beauty of Film and Photography in displaying your Hearts TRUTH.