Within the Hallway Closet by AntwiArt

Within the Hallway Closet

by AntwiArt in Illustration

I just don't understand why Mommy and Daddy don't see the horror in the closet. Not just any closet, the "Hallway Closet". That's the worst one of all. They walk by it all day long not knowing what evil is behind that very door. The Evil that shifts forms constantly and leaves me guessing as to what the next face of pure evil will look like.
I battle the evil when it tries to come out. Sometimes it talks to me, in the form of the "No-faces". The No-faces are the worst, they usually appear as heads with only small glowing red eyes. They stare and taunt me sometimes pleading with me to enter the world of the Hallway Closet, but I know better. Sometimes the evil tries to escape in to the house to eat my Mommy and Daddy. On occasion it brings the scary things from scary movies with it. But I can fight these things!
Mommy and Daddy are so blind never noticing the "Mighty Helmet of Infinite Power" hidden in the cabinet under the sink. They don't even see the Royal "Sword of Wisdom" in the kitchen drawer. My Daddy tells me to be strong, but he won't even face the true horror of the Hallway Closet. This is why every night I alone use these items of power to keep the dark forces at bay. My parents think they are protecting me, but it is I who protects them!

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