USS Nimix_Emergency Response Vessel by AntwiArt

USS Nimix_Emergency Response Vessel

by AntwiArt in 3D Art

This is a conceptual ship I designed sticking with StarTrek ship design protocol. I was thinking: there hasn't been a good new Startrek series in quite a few years, so how about a series based on a medical response ship. This is MY fan design so don't sue me!

This is the USS Nimix, its an extremely fast and maneuverable ship built for first response to emergency situations. Its basically the firetruck and ambulance of Starfleet. This ship has several surgical bays as well as critical care units to provide state-of-the-art medical care to anyone who needs it. The Nimix also features a large scale teleporter system and pinpoint targeting, which allows the Nimix to quickly evacuate large amounts of people in very short periods of time.

The Nimix's newly designed warp engines allow it to stay at warp 9.998 longer than any other ship in the fleet as well as making immediate course correction without dropping out of warp or even slowing down. This makes the Nimix a huge asset to a such dangerous galaxy.

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