youre all worthless and weak by AngelsInc

youre all worthless and weak

by AngelsInc in Angels Inc Secondary Character

Just you try and make me
Come on
You're all worthless and weak
Now drop and give me twenty ...

Nana Okami is a doll I saw on DA. With her 'old school' Miki Lee doo I just had to ask if I could draw her.

I asked Nana if I could use her as the model for AI's First Lieutenant Jiou Chin. Jiou is the top agent of China's MSS ( Ministry of State Security 1st Bureau). The tiny 4'8" beauty is a master of Wushu, an ancient form of Kung Fu. I was so glad when Nana said she would :w00t: so this is my impression of Nana as our beautiful killer Jiou Chin :nod:

inspired by Twisted Sister's 'Were Not Gonna Take It'

copyright 2002-2011 AngelsInc.

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