The Price She'll have to Pay by AngelsInc

The Price She'll have to Pay

by AngelsInc in Angels Inc Secondary Character

if you think you've found someone, you'll love forevermore
then it's worth the price you'll have to pay
to have to hold's, important, but forever, is the phrase
that means the love you've found is going to stay

The real redhead of Angels Inc, our British babe AIs Lt. Col. Jane Jones. CeeCee and Iri color their jet black hair to different shades of red, but Jane has been the redhead of the stories since 2002, and with those too cute freckles to boot.

Jane's the #2 supporting foreign character in the stories and hasn't been pictured often! She knows she follows Ivana Krenchencko as DaBear's #2 but still wonders if she can steal him. Ahh the love triangles that DaBear weaves in the stories.

title and idea of this picture is from the 1969 hit Love by the one hit wonder Mercy

copyright 2002-2011 AngelsInc.

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