lucifer wip sm by AngelsInc

lucifer wip sm

by AngelsInc in Works in Progress

A work in progress of a beautiful model I saw on this site Crits are welcome.

02/07 reposed the hat (again) to look more straight on ...I think it looks correct now, also thinned Lucie's fingers, the originals looked almost manly to me! I like them now. Now to finish the details and clean this up to ink. I think I may color this in my two tone paint scemes ...real shading ...hmmm havent done that in years but this is quite cute if I do say so myself ;)

... was doing a little clean up and after working on the eyes reposed the hat yet again to show off the eyelashes, but as I made the picture look more of the comic draw I was heading for I started thinking that Lucie looks like one of my characters! The beautiful French killer Jeanie Fabre I never had a model for Jean ...hmmm ;)

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