green eyed lady by AngelsInc

The real redhead of Angels Inc, our British babe AIs Lt. Col. Jane Jones. CeeCee and Iri color their jet black hair to different shades of red, but Jane has been the redhead of the stories since 2002, and with those too cute freckles and emerald green eyes to boot. If you never had a girl with freckles your missing out on a lot of fun games to play ;)

Title and idea of this picture is from Sugarloaf's 1970 Billboard top 5 hit 'Green Eyed Lady'

This is the first draw of our British beauty Jane jones using the drop-dead gorgeous British pornstar :faint: Jasmine Sinclair I was estatic when Jasmine agreed to be the model referance of Jane! I really hope Jasmine may like this :nod:

copyright 2002-2012 AngelsInc.

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  • lorembolo


    fuc*** prude (ab catholic censorship) keep up the good work

    Feb 15th, 2013 Reply
    • AngelsInc


      when I posted this i really didnt know if this site would sh*t can it before it got one view without the AI Censor on her bust. I do have the original up on DeviantArt, but on the FB site it needed this treatment or it would get canned. Glad you like my beautiful Brit here ...she is modelled after a knee rockin' British porn star friend of mine ;)

      Feb 16th, 2013 Reply