child of vision sm by AngelsInc

child of vision sm

by AngelsInc in Angels Inc 'Angels'

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the world:
I've heard it all before
You're saying nothing new
I thought I saw a rainbow
But I guess it wasn't true
You cannot make me listen
I cannot make you hear
You find your way to heaven,
I'll meet you when you're there.

the world:
How can you live in this way?
Why do you think its so strange?
the world:
You must have something to say.
Tell why should I change?
We have no reason to fight,
Cos we both know that we're right.

the world:
Child of Vision, won't you listen?
Find yourself a new ambition.

Our 2 star Major General Iri Linda, with an IQ higher than the great Albert Einstein shes the worlds greatest engineer, in a picture that is out of the novel currently being compleated (episode 1: Osama the Hasbeen) when she walking up in the first chapter to check on Bonita, but her hair and the idea of the name and lyrics above are from the second to the last novel (episode 8: All Good Things). The mix is to give a little insite into whats coming out soon, and the lyrics are a teaser (if you can figure it out from the song and the name of the novel) of things to come. The stories are a triology of triologies. The first is patriotic flag wavin Angel excitement, the second (which the current novel 'A Presidential Delemma' is the middle of) moves more into the Angels personal lives, the final triology is the real story!

inspired by Supertramps 'Child of Vision' a '70s view from Europe of how America has tarnished from one of the biggest selling albums of alltime 'Breakfast in America'

copyright 2002-2013 AngelsInc.

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