Digital Artist •

Stockholm, Sweden

I’m Andreas, a creative from Stockholm, Sweden.
My passions are graphic design, problem-solving and exploring new things.

I recently graduated from Hyper Island, a digital learning centre in Stockholm. The Hyper Island journey gave me a deeper understanding in concept creation and the importance of teamwork.

Before Hyper Island I worked as an Assistant Art Director at the Swedish advertising agency Oliven. After my graduation I have been working as a Designer for United State of Fans in Amsterdam and with various freelance projects.

I'm currently based in Stockholm, freelancing as a Digital Designer at the advertising agency FCB Fältman & Malmén and also working on various projects on my free time.

I also work with digital strategy, especially with Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Other sites where you can find me:

Im always open for freelance work, hire and collaborations, so if you need something done, feel free to contact me.

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