Spree by Anathematixs


by Anathematixs in Portraits

The first painting for Shu'alu, Volume 2: "Changing Your Forever" is of Spreelavelyore Gonzeru (Spree for short...and stiff-tongued humans). Don't let her charm and kind heart fool you, however. She is untouched as the fiercest warrior among the elite Sangushie Tribe of woodland elves. The Sangushie Warriors are the guardians of The Watchtower of the North and their golden city, Álfheim, and the Gonzeru family has been considered the last line of defense, beside The Great Wall, for many ages.


The copyright for the characters belongs to L.B. Conahan and Suzanne van Pelt and may not be used, referenced, reproduced, posted or altered without our expressed written and signed permission.

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