Rosy by Anathematixs


by Anathematixs in Fantasy

I have gotten permission from the author to start posting some of the works I have been doing for him.

My job has been, and still is, to give a face to his main characters and design the way they look in a graphical medium in stead of written.

They are part of worlds called "Shu'alu" and the books tell their stories.

This first one is Rosy, a death fairy, and if you want to know more about her you will have to read the books when they come out
All I can tell you is that her appearance was based on the Rosy Maple Moth.

I have currently finished a couple of paintings and will be posting those in the time to come.

The copyright for the characters belongs to L.B. Conahan and Suzanne van Pelt and may not be used, referenced, reproduced, posted or altered without our expressed written and signed permission.

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