Miranda Lawson by Anathematixs

Miranda Lawson

by Anathematixs in Fantasy

Here was the next challenge: Backgrounds!

Since I've pretty much always gone with very simplistic backgrounds, I felt the need to become more adept at painting scenery and backgrounds. So here is my attempt :)
Aaaaaand since I had a ME theme going on, I decided on doing another character, since it was requested...
Think I might have to do some male ones to counterbalance things, though...

And can I just say her outfit is a pain in the a** to paint!! All those hexagons and details and .... ARGH!!!
Not likely doing that again...
Also, I really struggled with the likeness... For some reason it just did not want to click..

References used for Miranda / Yvonne Stahovski, the omni tool and I looked at a lot of screenshots from the game for the background. I guess it's mainly based on Tuchanka.

Character design and armor copyright belongs to EA and Bioware.

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