Costume designer, seamstress •

Alassie was born in Granada (Spain) on August 15, 1985, in a family of seamstresses.

She began her studies of Textile Art, where she learned great quantity of textile crafts as the woven of tapestries and carpets, natural dyeing, traditional silk-screen, basketry..

After studying pattern creation, fashion design and styling in the Art School of Granada, she decided that costume design was going to be her purpose.

She moved to Barcelona where she took a Master in Costume Desing for Theater, Movies, Opera and TV at the Instituto Europeo di Desing.

By July 2008, Alassie opened her blog: El Costurero Real (the Royal Tailor), thought at first to be a logbook of her works in design, but as it had a great acceptance and many visits it became her registered trademark.

After appearing in some media, as the newspaper El Mundo, Granada Hoy, 20 Minutos, and many online media, she was awarded by the Junta de Andalucía for the Best Idea of Young Company 2009.

By the Spring of 2009 she worked as costume designer for El Muro, the audiovisual adaptation from a comic by Alfonso Azpiri, what allowed her to join at last the cinematographic industry.

Nowadays, moving between Granada and Barcelona, she has her own atelier which includes its production team, centred in costume design for audiovisual ends and the marketing of her collection.