Wyntersun Serene by AiRen

Wyntersun Serene

by AiRen in Tryin' Out Somethin' New

This being a year when I've decided to prove myself that an old dog can be taught new tricks after all, there'll be a few things I'll upload that I've never done before (so there - you've been warned - be afraid - be very afraid ^^)

Last time I tried my clumsy paws at Sci-Fi for the first time - now it's the turn to mucking around with other folk's pics as a total noob..
The wonderful Red Cedar River background image has been graciously allowed for use with the credit by its author, xkeren, from his DA account. Here it is in somewhat slimmed down and tweaked version. I tried to keep it as simple as possible and not to spoil the original photograph too much.

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