What  Dreams May Come by AiRen

What Dreams May Come

by AiRen in Tryin' Out Somethin' New

..and may they be as good and great as the worlds within us.

Happy hols to all and a very happy, prosperous and a peaceful year to come.

My first Yuletide memories come from a time when, as a three-year-old, I got whooshed away in an overnight train across what seemed to me at the time half of the world, to visit my father's family up in the north. Three things stuck in my impressionable wide-eyed mind - snow (I'd never seen snow before, I thought it was sugar ), a golden Christmas bell that played the music that had the magical property of calming down even the little hell-spawn such as me, and a big, sparkly snow-globe with an angel inside sitting on the windowsill at my uncle's house. (To the merriment and bemusement of my current dear and near, I still look for that be-ribboned musical golden bell at every Christmas shop and every festive fair. Over three decades later, give or take the odd year or two) . What a determination in the face of the impossible, lol)

Made as a gift-card to be tucked in the gift wrap. I wish it turned out the way I wanted, but sadly it was not to be. Originally envisaged as an interior scene by the fireplace , I had to take out one by one prop after prop, texture after texture, and finally I had to leave out the last vestiges of anything that could even remotely pass on as 'real', just to make my geriatric piece of electronic waste of a computer do something - anything. Which in turn taught me a valuable lesson - when something turns out a complete cock-up, just pretend that was the idea all along :lol

Botched in the bog-standard-stripped-down-to-its-boxer-shorts DS3, no fancy plugins or external render engines. Snow and stars in postwork.

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