Thieves of Summer by AiRen

Thieves of Summer

by AiRen in Tryin' Out Somethin' New

I made Thieves as a birthday card for a good friend of mine who happens to be both a passionate writer and a devoted mother of two small children - a boy and a girl.
Last days of summer sunshine, two children and a storybook - a perfect moment, eternity away from the grim realities of life struggles and adulthood. Except - even in this safe haven of the never ending summer, the cool claw of the world waiting outside reaches through to the dreamy forest of the perfect childhood - the fairy-tale the kids are reading is the very story about the poverty, neglect and ultimately the fight to survive - Hansel and Gretel.
The outfits used for the scene are Vintage Boy and Girl by esha, from, modified/remapped to fit the scene.

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