Rainbowlicious Rainbowsome by AiRen

Rainbowlicious Rainbowsome

by AiRen in Tryin' Out Somethin' New

This is a long-overdue t birthday present for a friend nicknamed Super-Elf, a remarkable language wiz-kid and a young artist with a cracking good writing brain who often helps me with all sorts of language and music requests.

I knew from the start what the pic had to contain - a lion (Super-Elf's favourite animal), a rainbow (because Roger invented his favourite word - 'rainbowsome'), it had to have a young Elf of a specific appearance and a pair of black velvet pants with pink patches that featured in a few Super-Elf's journals.
It also had to have some magic and a book - because I'd wish Super-Elf puts his remarkable gift for finding out new words and fresh , original turns of phrases to its use and becomes a writer.
Twenty or so discarded concepts later, this is what I came up with. There are things I'd have liked to have done better and with more details, but my computer refused to play along.

Done in bare-bones DS3A. no external plugins, no swish render engines, stacking and blending of renders in postwork, on an antique office banger of a PC.

Thank you for looking.

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