Gateway To The Gods by AiRen

Gateway To The Gods

by AiRen in Tryin' Out Somethin' New

Managed to steal a render quickie, just to let everyone know I'm still around. As the spacey-stuff goes, I'm sure this ain't the cream of the crop - but - since this is my very first foray into the sci-fi-space-whatchamacallits - it could have turned out worse.

The space-station uses the geometry of the Allied Fleets Oupost - OBJ Format available for purchase at Rendo (re-mapped and re-textured within inches of its venerable existence), and the background is modified 'Sunset in Space by NASA' wallpaper available at

Beaten out of the bare-bones DS3A , no fancy plugins, no external renderers, on a very frail antique desktop, with liberal helping of postwork in CS3.

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