Blue Melissa by AiRen

Blue Melissa

by AiRen in Tryin' Out Somethin' New

Done for a friend.
The brief was to have a statue, water and sunlight.
As usual, everything that looks simple on surface tends to get very complicated in the process of execution, not in the least for the fact that my ancient copy of DAZ, unlike almost any other 3D software, is a decade away from anything resembling procedural materials. That makes the process of creating water objects that can reasonably pass as 'water' akin to inventing a remote control for a TV armed only with a stone chisel and a family recipe for chocolate-chip cookies.

During the numerous concepts the statue and I spent enough time together to be on the first names terms :-).
'Melissa' as she got to be known in my household, went though as many transformations and metamorphoses as I go through rum-truffles and macchiatos - she had wings, hair, she was naked, broken, made of water, ice or mist she was submerged underwater, flying, diving, swimming, even having a romp with 'Melissander' (but that was a short fling that left no lasting effect:-)), on one of the rough renders she even had a message for humanity (I can do serious, honest ^^) - and finally I trimmed the ever-growing list of sketches and draft renders to just two.

The one here is the best-working compromise - Mel is getting frozen cold in the mid-November drizzle rather than sunbathing in the Caribbean (you can blame the English weather on the choice of location).
My first choice will be uploaded as soon as my computer and I come to some sort of workable agreement over the art production etiquette - such like when it is polite to crash and shut down. I'm of the opinion it should be after the render is finished, while my computer seems to think it should be somewhere after the fourth zig-zag line.
As soon as we sort out our differences, the first version will be up online.

As always, conceived, botched and bludgeoned out of a bare-bones-stripped-down-to-its-underpants DS3A and an old office salvage jobbie of a PC,with the leaves blur, frame & signature in Photoshop.

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