Blue by AiRen


by AiRen in 2011

Blue - or otherwise an unashamed, unapologetic and greedy, lusty, pure Pudding Porn. Yep, I'm supposed to be reigning in my caffeine and sugar addiction, I guess it shows :lol:

'Still life' category is as far from my natural affinities and comfort zone as it gets- but every once in a while I do things I don't like, just to shake me out of the cozy but sometimes dull and predicable 'same old, same old' in hope it would loosen up the creative rust and gunk that gets accumulated with time.

I needed something fairly uncomplicated and emotionally neutral for the test render - my first in months since the tragic demise of my beloved laptop - to see with what exactly can my sickly and frail old stand-in of a desktop limp through without shutting down in protest. As it turns out - not a lot, but one needs to work with what one has.

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