Weaver of Dreams by Aesali

Weaver of Dreams

by Aesali in Character concepts

« Intricate weaves, spinning our dreams—our nightmares—into visual realities. »

This is an older work of mine (first version: http://digital-nexus.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2yii6z) that I took out to do some touching up to—more postwork, added the jewel work on her forehead and frame. It's only meant to be a portrait work.

—— Thanks to:
Much thanks to Mr. Smith's AMAZING tutorial on how to make beautiful jewels in photoshop. Please check his gallery out; it's incredible: http://nmsmith.deviantart.com/gallery/764580#/dfc7ku. Thanks to him, I was able to add the jewels to this work and am learning a lot by experimenting with this technique.

The base for the jewels on this character's forehead is by AerySoul, rendered without any textures. I had planned to add them myself later on and finally have.

Thanks for viewing!

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