dreams by Aesali


by Aesali in Imaginative worlds

This is a fantasy landscape I worked on in August of 2010 (have it up on my DA account, too) for someone very dear to me. I am very much trying to get back into my art, but free time is scarce these days. Fantasy and landscape art is something I enjoy a lot and I'm trying to improve greatly. I had a little help for this piece, but hope to move beyond that in the future.

I have some resource links below. I spent a lot of time in Terragen trying to perfect the atmosphere (general mood and color), water and land to match the view I saw in my mind. I used one of Hameed's starfield stocks to help enhance my own; his are so beautiful that I couldn't resist finding a use. I can't create earth-like planets with clouds very well just yet, so I used his stock for that, as well. The other two planets I created using my own textures with the help of Alyn's (DA) tutorial -- although, you can't quite see the details in those since I resized them for this project. The tower was rendered in Poser and all post work on the image, brush work done to add color to the celestial sky was done in Photoshop.

- Hameed's beautiful earth-like planet stock, as well as partial use of one of his starfields.
- A lot of help from Alyn's planet tutorial.
- Photoshop hazy brushes are my own.

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