Dear Darkness by AegisStrife

Dear Darkness

by AegisStrife in 2011

"Dear darkness... dear darkness... would you cover... would you cover me again? Dear darkness... I have been your friend for many years...

Won't you do this for me, dearest darkness? Won't you cover me from the sun? The words are tightening, tightening... around my throat.

Now it's your time to look after us. Because we kept you clothed, we kept you in bussines when everyone else... was having good luck.

So now it's your time, time to pay. To pay me and the one I love with the worldly goods you've stashed away.

With all the things you took from us."
- PJ Harvey.

Piece done for Hysterical Minds' 8th artpack "Shadowness" released with this art community, of which we're very proud. I hope you enjoy our new release, we've put a lot of effort.

Model courtesy of Marcus Ranum.

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