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<---- Is a Fairy God Mother and Loves spreading her magic all over your zooz ♥ If u need help u can normally find me here >>> It is where i get to spread my magic far and wide ♥ I only play Zooworld 1 so please do not request items from any other game!! Fairy Love, Hugs< Kisses ♥
fgm&f different walls ♥
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Fgm&f - Zoo's Fairy God Mother's & Fathers Information Center
Well, I would like to say good day to all my wonderful children... I have some good news 4 u all .... FGM&F is now a full service group.... here r the different link and what we will do 4 u at each place...

1) This is the group where it all began... this is the original FGM&F group.. If u join this group u will get a p/m message every time 1 of the god mothers and/or father's post goodies on there wall so u can go and get them (if u dont like p/m 's please dont join here there r quite a bit) ..

2) FGM&F I this wall is our wish list wall... Where every1 helps every1... This wall is a family wall .. Every1 here is a family.. You can add friends here.. We do give-aways and if u have some animals u can do giveaways here as well... U can find cash links and mystery box links here... All r welcome on our wall, but please keep in mind this is a family wall please no cursing or anything explicated we have some children in our group...

3) Fgm&f - Zoo's Fairy God Mother's & Fathers Information Center... this is a Q&A page... If u have questions this is the place 2 go. Your question will not get lost on the wall.. There r also in the discussion area, answers to almost all questions u may have... and information every zoo player should have... We might even add a tips and tricks discussion in there (keep that 1 a secret lol)

4) Fairy Wishes:
This is our baby gifting wall and main wall ♥ We do many things here such as fill wish lists, games, give aways, greet new members, help with problem , post doc to help in zoo, u name it we do it here (no money or cash links though) ♥

5) ♥ The Sky Room Club ♥:
This wall is only open friday - sunday it is our so to speak night club ♥ where the members and fairies can play together ♥

6) BANK OF FGM&F ♥: The bank is where u post doc filled with links ♥ mission complete links, roses, mystery gift links, oak trees, anything u would normally put in a note on your wall can b turned in to a doc and placed here ♥

7) FGM&F FAIRY FAMILY EVENTS♥: This group was formed to let the member know of up and coming event at all fgm&f walls ♥

I hope u come to us for all your zoo need, b/c we love helping our children...

Use this for zoo mate request!!