Photographer, Street Artist

Kansas City, Kansas, United States

"We keep going, don't stop running, they keep selling, we don't want it..." - Electric Guest: American Daydream
The ability to express yourself artistically is with you always, much like your knowledge to breathe. You cant buy inspiration, much like you cannot buy oxygen, but finding a way to stimulate their production is where you find success. Art is with us no matter what age, what project, or what field. Like myself, you can use your creativity both in a business sense (ex: creating a marketing package for a customer) or in the more traditional sense of pencil and paper. Creativity and art is not bound by any lines, but is slave only to the way we as individuals critically think about it's implementation. While using business creativity may be a daily event and seen by many, another challenge lies within being comfortable enough with yourself to show your expression in a more traditional art sense, without a care of what your peers might think when you display it.