Digital Artist • http://abasyyx.deviantart.com/

, United States

Currently residing in Michigan, I'm just your average guy with big dreams and too much time on his hands. I primarily focus on Photoshop CS 5.1 when not sketching out my ideas on Post-It notes. Digital art and photo editing is my first love but I have recently gotten a larger interest in photography (for stock and art's sake) after attending Photoshop World in 2011. I have no studio, no collaboration of my peers, and no formal training. In time, with some hard work, practice, and solid decisions, I hope to be more professional than amateur. Always with an eye open to new ideas and opinions, I am very willing to hear from others for casual or professional works and I'm ready to charge forward in any direction that helps me grow.

If you ever want to find me for a quick chat, I might be found online on Yahoo Messenger under the screen name "AbasyyxArtworks"