Shadowness - AVMysterrie Hello the name's Alex. I am 20 years old and live in PA. I am still a noob at art. I prefer drawing traditionally and then coloring my art digitally.... en So proud of you <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />This is my second favorite piece and the first chronologically that shows my greatest improvement. Here we have two Bloodskins: Valen, the Nelgion (left) and Silvaticus the Cortia (right). (Story below) This is a species solely of my own creation and one of my biggest "babies" so to speak with three hundred plus characters in the Bloodskins alone. Valen is one of the newest and is owned by a dear friend of mine, Raavenna, on DA. This was actually a belated birthday gift to her and it shows the Queen Silva, telling Valen how proud she is of her accomplishments, much of how I am proud of Raavenna. The entire thing was hand drawn on PSE 8. All I referenced was the night sky colors from a TLK screengrab, Valen's colors and markings from her reference sheet and my own Silva from private reference sheets. All of this I adore, truly I do. Those rocks make me squee since I used no brushes. xD ------------------------------------------------------- Days had turned to weeks, weeks to months and wonths to years. Oh how the time had flown. For Silva, it was incredible. She had remembered meeting the much younger Valen, eager to please the younger and more vicious Cortia. Silva however, had a different philosophy. Things took time to be proven with actions and how this young Nelgion had proven the to her Cortia. A smile slipped across her maw as cobalt and crimson paws descended the rock face, bringing her down to the grasslands of Aliea Tsata. Tourmalines met emeralds and the softest of growls spilled from her lips. "I am so proud of you." Wed, 19 Mar 2014 21:34:38 -0400 The Brightest Stars <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Ah here we have a piece I am SO proud of. This was done for my lovely friend Rinjapine on DA's contest, Missing Pieces. It shows her Uru, Mega, Njama and Moshi under the night sky as Uru tells the tale of the Brightest Stars to her children, especially Mega (The orange cub). I am happy to say that all of this was hand drawn with no brushes used and only the colors of the sky were grabbed from a Lion King screenshot so I could make sure that they fit in the universe properly. This piece was drawn, inked, colored and shaded on PSE8. If you would like to read the story that goes with it please go here: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 21:28:53 -0400 Sorrow's Song <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />This piece was to have a nice lush background but after I spent a month on Jahanara's revamped look alone I got lazy and made it a small crappy background. Basically in her novel, this part is towards the end where she arrives back in Eden, her home. This was done solely on PSE8 (drawn, inked, colored, shaded etc etc over the period of over a month) To read the piece of the novel that accompanies it please go here: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 21:25:25 -0400 Ruwenzori Banner <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />A small little I had worked on at least a year ago that shows a feline under a blood moon, becoming a Bloodskin. This was supposed to be bigger but when I was zoomed in working on it, I didn't realize how small it was. Of course, too little too late lol This was done solely on PSE8 Wed, 19 Mar 2014 21:20:44 -0400 Jahanara Lucien, Phase 1 <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Well this is my character Jahanara Lucien, in her original coloring. The only thing that I changed was her markings. She now has an elongated diamond that turns into a stripe. This was drawn traditionally with a pencil and paper. All the lineart and coloring was done in PSE8. The shading was done with the burn brush. I was highly inspired by the colors of Scar and Mufasa, from The Lion King. In an effort to combine the two Jahanara came out as the result. In my macroverse, this is the coloration she was born with. A changeling child in her pride, taking the place of a dead cub, while being a true immortal. It is interesting to note that during this time in the third dimension, she does not know she is a Neterukhaibitian and only becomes aware of her immortality due to returning to life after a fatal fight, where she gave her life for a sister. The Jahanara seen in my piece, I Can Show You the World, is what she has involved into after travelling to the 13th dimension of the macroverse and reclaiming her home of the lost paradise, Eden. This is my first digitally colored piece and a few months old. This is a rough reference sheet. I've been told my anatomy has improved a bit but, please critique away. As I've said before I want to learn an improve. :smile -------------------------------- Birth Name: Jahanara (Lucien)* Meaning: N/A Age: 15 years** Species: 1/2 American Lion, 1/2 Barbary Lion*** in the f3rd dimension, Neterukhaibitian in the 13th. Original Pride: Pridelands (Jalali's and later Simba's Pride) Current Pride: Luciens Rank Outside of Pride: Empress Pride Rank: Luciena Homeland: Pridelands Current lands: Pridelands Birth Father: Jalali Birth Mother: Asatira Blood Siblings: Enzi, Ghubari, Kafeel (Older Brothers); Bia, Haifa (Older Sisters) Half-Siblings: Ramla, Kamaria, Shamari, Moto, Aminifu, Penda, Kweli, Jua, Ovu Aunts: Buibi, Dalila, Haki, Uma Great Aunt: Etana Adoptive Father: Kovu Adoptive Mother: Kiara Adoptive Siblings: Sentwali, Tau, Jahari (Older Brothers), Ayana, Kamlii (Older Sisters) Adoptive Maternal Grandfather: Simba Adoptive Maternal Grandmother: Nala Adoptive Paternal Grandmother: Zira Adoptive Paternal Grandfather: Temilade Aunts: Vitani, Ishana, Shanni, Shani, Aisha, Azra, TBC Adoptive Maternal Great-Grandmothers: Sarabi, Sarafina Adoptive Maternal Grandfather: Mufasa Mate: Feruzi Sons: Adramalech, Sachael, Zegan, Erevu, Jalali, Chaka, Etim Daughters: Jahazanara, Almerzah, Aliya, Asatira, Vala, Bahari, Imaima, Suala, Aurora, Satrina, Sarasvati, Aliya, Athena Voice Talent: TBA Theme Song: Who You Really Are Jahanara was originally born to the founders of the Pridelands, King Jalali and Queen Asatira. She was the only cub born in their second litter however, she was a still born. Her parents grieved over the loss of her and she would be the last child they ever had. Hundreds of years later, an orange pelted female gives birth to a large cub and begs during the night that Rafiki take her and give her a home that she can not. Upon promising this the violet eyes lioness disappears and her cub is taken to Sarabi and Sarafina. They switch the female with one of Princess Kiara's dead cubs and take the secret with them to their grave. The cub Jahanara is presented as the heir to another throne, above the King of the Pirdelands. As a young cub she spends most of her time with Sarabi and Sarafina as they teach her about the Great Kings and Queens of the Past. Rafiki takes her to the elders where she meets the young cub named Feruzi. They become best friends. During this time however, Jahanara has visions of the Great Kings and Queens who show her a land made barren and it is because of her. If she does not leave, the Pridelands will come to ruin. Following the vision she leaves without telling anyone goodbye and disappears into the night. She is stopped only by Rafiki who shows her the true place of her birth and that she is the reincarnated child of Jalali and Asatira. She was born of the Great Kings and Queens and the Great Spirit has designed her life around this fact. She wanders for years and encounters prides now lead by her siblings as the respective Kings and Queens. They follow their Queen back to the Pridelands along with her mate Feruzi. She is the one who leads them into battle before restoring order to the Pridelands and the lands beyond. Peace finally healing the rifts between the creatures. She is soft spoken, a loving mother and devoted mate. She has learned from her ancestors mistakes no to break promises to her cubs and rules her lands and pride to the best of her ability. She bears a striking resemblance to Scar which scares her adoptive family. More will come later. ---------------------------------------------------- Pridelands (c) Disney Story, names and locations are (c) to ME and me alone! You may not use or reproduce my art in any way shape or form. *- The Last name Lucien is a carried name and marks a lion/lioness as being part of Jahanara's pride thus, of her line. **- My lions DO NOT age like real lions do. Disney made it perfectly clear that their lions are DECADES old! As mine exist in the same universe they age at the same rate, which is guestimated by me. ***- Yes the European Cave Lions are extinct however, in my version of TLK they are not. Some did cross the land bridge and landed in Africa, away from human interference. Sun, 16 Oct 2011 01:30:21 -0400 Feruzi <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />This is a character of my creation, Feruzi. He is in an older part of the timeline, mate of Jahanara Lucien before within the macroverse, she ascends to the 4th dimension and a different land. This was drawn traditionally and then colored digitally in PSE8. I used a grass brush and then messily created the clouds. He is supposed to be standing in the rain, but as this was only my second attempt at digital drawing, it is rather bad. His shadows were done using the burn brush and the spots were also a feline pattern brush. His anatomy is rather lopsided in my opinion, but proportions are not my strongest point. I am very open to critiques. Please be brutal, I want to learn! ------------------------------------ Birth Name: Feruzi (Lucien)* Meaning: Turquoise Age: 15 years** Species: European Cave Lion*** Original Pride: Medallions Current Pride: Luciens Rank Outside of Pride: Emperor Consort to Jahanara Pride Rank: Lucieno Homeland: Meadowlands Current lands: Pridelands Father: Ibada Mother: Ajia Siblings: None Mate: Jahanara Sons: Adramalech, Sachael, Zegan, Erevu, Jalali, Chaka, Etim Daughters: Jahazanara, Almerzah, Aliya, Asatira, Vala, Bahari, Imaima, Suala, Aurora, Satrina, Sarasvati, Aliya, Athena Voice Talent: TBA Theme Song: I Can Go The Distance - Lucas Grabeel Feruzi was sent away from his pride as a young cub, due to the fact that the spots upon his hind flanks refused to fade with age. He was outcast for his blemishes and send to the elders who debated what this sign could be. At this time Rafiki left the Pridelands and brought the young cub Jahanara to the elders to discuss her own destiny. Jahanara is the first female Feruzi ever meets, let alone the first lion who doesn't mock him for his spots. As the elders discuss their futures, the two become good friends. He is there when Jahanara routinely faints and has visions that the elders use as an excuse to keep her their longer. The two are essentially outcasts and look out for each other. Although Feruzi is never allowed to stray far from the Great Tree, he doesn't mind. Jahanara tells him stories from her homelands that her great-grandmothers have told her about the Great Kings and Queens of the Past. Eventually Rafiki returns to the Pridelands with Jahanara and Feruzi. He stays only briefly as the princes and princesses laugh at him for his spots. Spurned by their laughter he runs away that very night, without so much as a goodbye to Jahanara. He lives as a rogue travelling from land to land. He meets different lions, but refuses to stay with them despite their hospitality. Eventually he lives on the edges of the desert at a small oasis, surrounded by dry, cracked earth. It is here that he comes finds a young lioness passed out in the sands and brings her back to his home. It turns out that the lioness is Jahanara and their friendship is rekindled. Feruzi eventually ends up travelling with Jahanara back to the Pridelands, despite his better judgement. He becomes her Emperor Consort and the father of her many cubs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feruzi turned his gaze upon the sky, sighing quietly as he watched the heavy storm clouds roll in. Thunder roared in the distance and he could already hear the heavy rain begin to fall. He was far from Pride Rock, but Feruzi didn't mind, the rain reminded him of his youth. Pridelands (c) Disney Story, names and locations are (c) to Me You may not use or reproduce my art in any way shape or form. *- The Last name Lucien is a carried name and marks a lion/lioness as being part of Jahanara's pride thus, of her line. **- My lions DO NOT age like real lions do. Disney made it perfectly clear that their lions are DECADES old! As mine exist in the same universe they age at the same rate, which is guestimated by me. ***- Yes the European Cave Lions are extinct however, in my version of TLK they are not. Some did cross the land bridge and landed in Africa, away from human interference. Also, please critique my work. I am not yet that good with backgrounds or linearting so please let me know what I can do better. Sat, 15 Oct 2011 23:27:23 -0400 I Can Show You The World <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Alright so I entered this in a contest over on DA and it only won a runner up but I am still pretty proud of this. Featured are my female Neterukhaibitian, Jahanara Lucien, and a regular male lion name Kanai. I am not as pleased with Kanai as I am with Jana, although I know the anatomy on both is horrible. This was drawn traditionally and then I colored and used brushes to add the grass, stars and shadows. I used the burn brush on Jana, just because the blue method I've seen used on tutorials, didn't work. However, I did color over Kanai with a dark blue, fuzzy edged brush and faded the opacity to nearly nothing to create his shadow effects. All of the digital coloring was done PSE8. I am always open to critiques so please be brutal, I want to learn! Jahanara Lucien(c) to myself Kanai (c) to Brengie on DA Below you can find the story that was also entered in the contest, and helps explain the situation. Oh and this is also Lion King inspired to a point, but does exist in my own created macroverse. Stop here if you don't want to read ;) --------------------------------------------------------- In the world of forever night Jana glided through the darkness, violets glowing softly as she glanced through the foliage. When entertaining others she never entered the garden's dense vegetation, but she was alone now. A smile slipped slowly across her maw as red and black auds flickered capturing the distance calls of cubs, the soft rumble of her pets and the cries of the creatures that lived in the skies. Like the humans who had lost paradise, Jana had taken to naming the creatures, both with true names and classifications. It was only recently that she had even discovered her own place in the world. Black paws splashed softly as she tread across the stream, an off shoot of one of the three rivers that marked the boundaries of her territory. As the water rose, Jana paused sensing the presence of another. Back arched slightly as a cool body ran along her side. Golden orbs broke the surface as Jana returned the touch along Sobek's body. The hiss of the croc, scattered the creatures in the trees but the feline beside did not react, merely cooing softly in response. Had a stranger looked in on the pair, the sensuous caresses would have seemed as if they were mates, alas the were merely the affections of a mistress to her pet. Jahanara by her nature was seductive and sexual although it was a rarely shown side of her. Instead the mother offered affection only to her daughters and those who carried her blood. It was a far cry from what she had been all those years ago and in an instant the contact was broken as the pair climbed from the water. Her paws fell upon the pristine white sand, made from the bodies of those who had died. The mists that surrounded her and Sobek, drying them off were the souls of the universes. All of them had found their way here, even those considered evil. Above as the trees broke their cover, a lone star crossed the sky, signaling the arrival of another lost soul. Jana would wait to introduce it to the garden, for they had eternity to meet. A sigh slipped from Jana's lips as she looked up at Sobek. He leaned down nudging her gently. "Sobek I miss it..." The creature who had never left Eden, gave her only a look of question, asking her quietly through their link what his mistress meant. "Oh Sobek I spent many years in a land deep in the heart of Africa. So many people I loved lived there, it was my first home." Violets slid closed for a moment as the Mother lowered her head. "Elias is nowhere to be found, Irony and Kye have their own lives and rarely visit. I am lonely." A loud huff filled the night and Jana smiled, shoulder rolling to bump into Sobek's leg. "You and Shedyet are wonderful company, but I think it's time I go back, if only for a few minutes. I promise not to be long." Jana spun to the left, racing back to the edge of Eden, ignoring the pull of the mist as it urged her back and finally emerging on the other side of the veil. It was still dark as she gazed over the familiar African plains. There in the distance, stood the mighty Pride Rock. An almost painful reminder of the events that had happened, the loss of loved ones and the struggle to find herself. Still there had been happiness especially with her adoptive pride. Her title here did not require Jana to always be there except during the great gathering and as such this was to be her first visit since her disappearance. A pang of regret filled her as she parted the grasses. Jana was pulled from her reverie as her auds picked up the sound of another approaching. With such a massive form, hiding was pointless. Instead body sunk low to the ground, auds flattening as her tail curled beneath her. A deep snarl filled her throat as violets saw the approaching male. It was not someone she recognized, which was a first to her. As her threat reached the male, he stopped. Orange hues slowly turned upon her, confused yet confident at the same time. Jana curled her lips up tor reveal her jawline, claws digging into the earth as the unknown male moved closer to her. "Name trespasser!" she barked. It was not a request but a demand. One last attempt to being civil before she sprung for the attack. The male looked appalled for a moment, still unsure of who or what she was. However, a soft almost sarcastic response met her ears. "Kanai." Violets narrowed as Jana raised herself back up. She inspected Kanai, making sure she memorized every detail, watching his body for any signs of an attack. He in return watched her, relaxed and a small grin spreading across his maw. "May I ask you name miss?" Jana began a small circle around him, pausing as she reached his left ear, growling her response. "Jahanara..." Her voice trailed off for a moment, relaxing as she completed her circle and stood before Kanai. "You can call me Jana, everyone else does." Kanai nodded slowly, daring to come a bit closer to the femme. "Then Jana it is. Why are you out so late, if I may ask?" "I am heading home for a visit." stated Jana matter of factly as her tail rested on her paws, the tip swishing slightly as she began to sit. "And where might that be?" asked Kanai, although he had a pretty good idea, seeing the direction she was headed in. "Pride Rock." A brow raised slowly as Kanai glanced at the stone monument in the background. "Curious. I know the pride there and I've yet to see you at all." Jana scoffed softly. "Just because you do not see me does not mean I don't hail from there." She paused another moment, eyeing Kanai suspiciously. "Besides I could say the same for you." A soft laugh met her yes and Jana's fur bristled in indignation. She did not enjoy being laughed at by anyone. Did this male not know his place? Her growl reformed, shoulders rolling as she prepared to strike but Kanai spoke once more, hastily sensing her anger. "Do forgive me Jana, I was out of line." He dipped his head slightly and it pleased Jana. She returned the small nod, silently reprimanding herself for being so impolite. That was not usually her way and it was far from her place to judge. The pair fell into silence, as Jana turned her gaze to the sky, watching the stars. It always calmed her. Sarabi and Sarafina had taught her as a child and since they had taken their place with the queens, Jana often looked to them for comfort. She was indeed older then she appeared and those lionesses had understood that. "Who are you looking for?" The question again brought Jana back from her memories, speechless for a moment as her violets met orange hues. "Looking for? Oh um a few old queens I knew... Sarabi and Sarafina. I'm sure you wouldn't know them." she answered hastily. "My mother mentioned them once or twice." Jana blinked for a few times, raising a brow. "Who was your mother?" she asked softly. "Zira." Kanai answered bitterly. "I knew her too. I just didn't know her as a cub." It was Kanai's turn to look perplexed. "You met my mother?" Jana nodded slowly, a small sigh escaped her. "Yes. It was a brief encounter... Only a few months but she was good company when she was older." Kanai growled softly in annoyance. "I know many didn't like her, but every being has a dark side. She had a light side too." "I'll take your word for it." mumbled Kanai as Jana stood. A smile spread across her face as she pounced on him, growling playfully. Kanai was taken by surprise, to say the least but gave in to the lioness and wrestled her in return. Jana laughed softly, rolling onto her back and pawing as the grasshoppers flew into the air. As the pair relaxed, one would think that they had always known each other. Both were breathing heavily as they laid on their sides, enjoying the summer night. All thoughts of returning home had left Jana's mind. A quick glance showed the small frown on Kanai's face and Jana looked away, standing up once more. Kanai sat up and without a moment's hesitation Jana ran her body under his chin. A soft purr filled the night as she offered him a soft smile. Jana had missed the touch of another lion and she gave in to her loneliness, all thoughts of her missing mate forgotten. She took a few steps forward, looking back over shoulder to Kanai, her golden mane blowing in the warm breeze that enveloped them both. Jana knew it's meaning, an encouragement for the pair of them to truly live, if only for a moment. "Kanai, come home with me." "Pride Rock?" Jana shook her head slowly. "No... My real home. I can show you wonders beyond your dreams." Sat, 15 Oct 2011 23:16:03 -0400