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Winona, USA

Anyone can post art on the ARToVANCE facebook wall.

Connecting people in a positive way through art.

"ARToVANCE can really be anywhere the word itself is." - ROCHESTER MAGAZINE

What is ARToVANCE?
From the article - ARToVANCE: taking art from here to there and everywhere

“The physical side to ARToVANCE is simple: a series of booklets thick with blank pages, waiting for art — any kind of art, from the young and the old, from the professional artist and the young child, to the photographer, poet, to the artist that is in all of us. A person creates something on a page, and then wraps the booklet in postal paper and sends it on, each binder taking on a life of its own along its own unique journey around the world.
Alongside that physical element, artists are encouraged to take a photo or scan their image, then post the art online, allowing people to track the project, to follow the vivid blur of its movement around the globe.”

by Sarah Squires WINONA POST (1-9-11)

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*Anyone can post their artwork on the facebook wall to become part of the project.

ARToVANCE: "Creatively Connecting the World One Person at a Time"

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