Men's Toy by ANDIheld

Men's Toy

by ANDIheld in MyArt

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All integrated photos are my own.
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  • Lucifer



    Your art is very inspirational to all of us artists and at Shadowness we like to thank our amazing artists for all they do, to show our appreciation for you, your artwork has been featured in todays Daily Inspiration #581

    Oct 8th, 2012 Reply who wants a hug?
  • Lucifer


    this is really cool

    Oct 6th, 2012 Reply who wants a hug?
  • JurgenDoe


    very nicely done

    Quick tip: Please don't forget to add tags to your work, it will help you gain more views and other artists can find your work faster .. you can do this easily when you upload an image .. the second raw ask for tags .. type in the first 2-3 letters and you will get some choices .. same if you uploaded the image already .. go under your image where it says .. Add Tags and follow the steps above.

    Hi there ... could you please kindly list your resources accordingly so that other artists get the proper credit.Thank you.
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    Oct 6th, 2012 Reply Shadowness Staff
  • Litavis


    Great concept,very original.

    Oct 6th, 2012 Reply Shadowness Staff
  • MarcoBojahr


    very very cool,mainstream suxx ;-)

    Oct 6th, 2012 Reply