Iris #01 by AKA

Iris #01

by AKA in Manga Style

Iris first colored artwork.

Once again, one eye is different. :p The story behind this: I have some problems with my own eyes, not important at this time. But, I have a treatment to prevent a glaucoma.
Sight is really an important sense, especially in art. And, I love to draw and color eyes. There are so many emotions you can express with them.
Well, sorry for the rambling. >.>"

Tools: PaintTool Sai / Bamboo fun

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  • 7Shadows


    Awesome costume and line art! The light is a bit intense and her pose is somewhat weird at first impression but I love it.

    Feb 27th, 2011 Reply
    • AKA


      Thanks. I thought a coat would be cool with the fur collar. ;p
      About the pose, someone told me the same. I wanted some kind of "attack pose", but it's not really easy. :p
      For the eye, I wanted to show it's shining when she uses her powers. But, yeah, it may be a little too much.

      Feb 27th, 2011 Reply