Hell's Door by AKA

Hell's Door

by AKA in Photomanip

Door | www.sxc.hu/ image id: 976656
Gargoyls | www.sxc.hu/ image id: 1254057 + 1254056

Fire Stock + Background texture by resurgere.deviantart.com

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  • Rusalkadesign


    J'avais pas vu celui là... il claque, vraiment très bon.

    Mar 7th, 2011 Reply
  • 7Shadows


    Hmm there are a lot of black spots and the parts in this artwork looks detached from each other. It's a good mood though. I like those gargoyles.

    Mar 5th, 2011 Reply
    • AKA


      I would say, it's a little creepy and chaotic. ^^ But, this is the kind of it is... Hell, I mean. Well, I guess... xD
      I loved the gargoyles too. I had to do something with those. :)

      Mar 5th, 2011 Reply
    • AKA


      *the kind of world, it is*
      pfff...forgot words... grrr

      Mar 5th, 2011 Reply