AlterEgo by AKA


by AKA in Experi[mental]

Will the evil side win?

Stock Angel statue | image id:460840

Alchemy + Photoshop

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  • 7Shadows


    So what's the "Experimental" Album? Is it more or less work or simply a very different style. I'm beginning to miss your Photomanip pieces. :)

    About this one, I think it looks a bit too busy. The top part is pretty nice.

    Apr 3rd, 2011 Reply
    • AKA


      I wanted to try something different. This is the purpose of these works. That's why I took them in an other folder.
      If it looks busy or messy, it's cool. I was in a certain state of mind when I did this (and the others).
      This one could be the most personal work I did so far.

      I'll get back to my photomanip style. But, I couldn't do anything good yet.

      Apr 4th, 2011 Reply