Levana's Amulet by ADamselInDesign

Levana's Amulet

by ADamselInDesign in Fantasy

This piece represents a story I'm writing about a young female vampire and so it is dear to my heart. Levana is a Jewish/Hebrew name meaning "Moon."

I've had this piece in my "to finish" folder for G-d knows how long! It took me forever to find a forest stock photo for the background I wanted to use as I do not like to use premade backgrounds. So, finally, I am able to upload this after finding the stock I liked best.

This is dedicated to my friend J-u-d-a-s who is a master of dark art, despite his saying he's taking a break from the genre! I can only aspire to have the talent he has one day!

deviantART Stock Credits
Purple Brooch
Sudeley Castle & Southampton Old Cemetery
Dark Forest
Gold Chain
Lace Brushes

And a tremendous amount of painting done with my mouse!

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