In Memoriam by ADamselInDesign

In Memoriam

by ADamselInDesign in Judaism

While browsing a stock photo marketplace I came across a photo of the Star of David patches the Nazi's made the Jews sew onto their clothing during the Holocaust.

Being Jewish myself, I always want to show pride for my religion, culture and heritage... the good and the bad.

This work is not meant to offend anyone in anyway. It is from my heart and dedicated to ALL of those who lost their lives and who lost loved ones during WWII and the Holocaust; Christian, Muslim & Jew.


This was my very first photomanipulation I've ever made and I was quite proud of it. I've been a graphic and web designer for many years but I've just recently gotten into the hobby of digital photomanipulation. So, please be gentle if you guys critique it lol

I only aspire to be as talented as the rest of you!


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Auschwitz Birkenau
Concetration Camp "Stop" Sign
Little girl from the Library of Congress
Star of David "Jude" Patch
Holocaust Victims by James Emison Chanslor

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