Only Yesterday by AD1970

Only Yesterday

by AD1970 in Southend On Sea

"May we all relive those memories of young love
Southend On Sea Essex taken with a 50mm,
All post processing done with UF Raw & Photoshop

After long enough of being alone everyone must face their share of loneliness In my own time nobody knew,The pain I was goin' through

And waitin' was all my heart could do Hope was all I had until you came,
Maybe you can't see how much you mean to meYou were the dawn breaking the night, The promise of morning light,Filing the world surrounding me

When I hold you (*) Baby, Baby Feels like maybe things will be all right

Baby, Baby Your love's made me

Only Yesterday lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group (The Carpenters)

Only Yesterday © Andrew Hunter

All Rights Reserved


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