Oblivion Trinity by 7Shadows

Oblivion Trinity

by 7Shadows in Posters

Portfolio [2002]

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  • essencestudios



    Your art is very inspirational to all of us artists and at Shadowness we like to thank our amazing artists for all they do, to show our appreciation for you, your artwork has been featured in todays Daily Inspiration #561

    Sep 18th, 2012 Reply
  • DRockSavage
  • sairagie


    Amazing, sir! :)

    Sep 18th, 2012 Reply
  • LightBurst


    That's really cool!

    Sep 18th, 2012 Reply
  • Aki


    Congratulations, 7Shadows!

    On behalf of my fellow gallery moderators, I am happy to share the news that your beautiful creation was selected for the Daily Feature Award and is now in rotation on the front page of Shadowness!

    This piece can be seen under the "star" menu at the top of every page, and it will also be featured in the next issue of "Daily Inspirations"! fb.com/shadowness

    Sep 18th, 2012 Reply
  • NaGhaShy


    yesterday , booooombbbb

    Jan 15th, 2012 Reply
  • Wastwater


    Thank you so much for sharing this piece of art. For some reason this piece is speaking volumes to me about the state of humanity and our head long rush into oblivion. Art is subjective and it may well be I'm not interpreting this piece the right way? However, the whole feel, to me, is of an unstoppable force such is the speed and energy portrayed in the art. Almost a desire to pull back from the inevitable but mankind has forgotten how to live in harmony with this beautiful planet! Only bigger buildings and more and more machinery will make us happy. It may be where my personal head space is at the moment that I interpret it this way, but I really enjoy art that conveys an almost personal message to me and represents how I feel at a specific time.

    Jul 16th, 2011 Reply
  • eskarina


    Cool stuff! =)

    Jul 8th, 2007 Reply