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Stockholm, Sweden

Born in Stockholm, Sweden.
Being a big fan of my mothers stories, tales and books when I was a kid, I took up painting and writing and it became a huge part of my life. Having friends who didn't share my passion, I quit painting and writing and devoted my life to things such as school, football, gaming, and gymnastics.
In high school I found photoshop and started exploring it. I got a available spot as head of design for the school paper and soon I was doing posters and flyers for nightclubs and restaurants in Stockholm, making some extra money. Once again the passion came back to me.
After school I got a job at Black Friday (http://www.blackfriday.se), who gave me a chance to create pictures for a living. I have worked with brands such as Coca Cola, Ford, LaFayette, Fnatic, Vicura, a lot of swedish magazines and more. For now I work with brands and advertising, and also part time as a photographer. I have recently started making "art" for fun besides work.
I am almost obsessed of creating worlds or at least being a part of creating them, and I will do this for the rest of my life.
I believe in the power of imagination and that it will take us where we want to be